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Bamboo Riser Pads

$5.00 per Set

For the Fullest green ride, get these bamboo riser pads. These bad boys are help us get closer to our Zero Waste goal. We use the excess wood from cutting out the boards to make these great pads. They have all the great strength of the boards so you never have to worry about them splitting.

SuperGreen Stickers


STICKERS!!! Need we say more!!!!
They are printed with Soy inks to help our our environment.

SuperGreen T-shirt

$19.99 Each


These Beefy T's come in short sleeve and long sleeve White and Black. Take your pic


Not just a superb ride it’s SuperGreen too...

The world's fasting growing SuperGreen plant, it takes only 5 years for a stalk to mature, compared to 100 for maple. It is also an excellent converter of CO2, converting more than 8 times that of trees. Bamboo is an amazing 17% harder than standard maple, making this one excellent material for long boards.

SuperGreen Boards uses a very low VOC epoxy to laminate the boards, reducing toxic fumes emitted into the environment. Currently technologies are being developed in soy polymers which will revolutionize the green movement.

We are currently testing a fiberglass alternative made from finely woven strands of bamboo. We also use scraps of real fiberglass that were intended for the trash.

SuperGreen Boards
is dedicated to bringing
the cleanest technology
to long boarding

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